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Q:  What is a bodysuit?

A:   A bodysuit is a one piece knitted garment similar to a leotard. Unlike leotards, bodysuits have snaps at the crotch. This makes it easier to wear with clothing or hosiery and still use the bathroom comfortably. In contrast, a person wearing a leotard must pull down the entire garment in order to use the bathroom. This becomes very impractical when also wearing a jacket, pants or jeans.

Q: It sounds complicated, why would I want to wear one?

A:   Bodysuits offer certain advantages over simple blouses or knit tops. For those who like a "neat" look, a bodysuit never comes untucked. A bodysuit looks great with today's low-riding pants and skirts, especially for those who don't want to show their tummies. Short-waisted people look longer waisted in a bodysuit. And the spandex or Lycra content of most bodysuits provides a bit of control.  Bodysuits are also popular as the basis for costumes at Halloween.

Q: Who invented bodysuits?

A:  We aren't sure who invented them, but they were popularized by designer Donna Karan during the 1980's.

Q:  Why can't I find bodysuits in stores?

A:  There are probably a number of factors at work here. They present a number of difficulties for traditional retailers -- do they belong with knit tops and sportswear or lingerie? While they look great on the body, they don't look particularly attractive on hangers, so they are difficult to merchandise and display.

Q:  Who wears bodysuits?

A:  Woman wear bodysuits for many of the reasons listed above. Wolford bodysuits (which retail for $200 and up) are especially popular with women who wear couture clothing. If you spend hundreds of dollars on a designer suit, you want something very simple and comfortable to wear with it. A wardrobe of high quality basic bodysuits is a well kept secret of some of the world's best dressed women.

Q:  What are the advantages of 'thong' bottom vs. 'regular' bottom bodysuits?

A:  This is really a matter of personal preference. Just as thong panties are thought to eliminate 'panty lines' you can expect the same with a thong bodysuit. Our 'regular bottom' bodysuits have a cut similar to bikini panties. Of course you get a cleaner look under clothing because there is no line from the top of the bikini.

Q:  What is a "cat suit"?

A:  A cat suit is a bodysuit which covers you from head to toe.  Catsuits come in a variety of sleeve and pant lengths.  They are popular for sports, exercising and yoga.  Alternate names for this style are "unitard" or bodystocking."

Q:  How do I care for my bodysuit?

A:  We provide basic care information online for each style and each bodysuit has a care label.  Bodysuits will last longer and look better if treated with care.  Although the care instructions for certain styles indicate "tumble dry", we recommend no longer than five minutes in a cool dryer to shake out wrinkles, then line dry.